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Let’s face it; times aren’t what they used to be. Threats are increasing be it Natural or Man Made. We’ve got stronger typhoons year in and year out; Terrorism imposed by armed extremist groups; A Looming threat of the “Big One” an earthquake expected to be so massive that can cripple the entire Metro and Greater Manila Area and other probabilities of Earthquakes Nationwide; Theft / Muggings / Snatchings / Rapes / Kidnappings are getting more rampant.

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Most of us have already been “domesticated” in what we call civilization. We live our lives believing that nothing bad will ever happen and that someone will come save us just in case; but that is never true. Then, when emergency strikes we are caught unprepared.

How can the Average Pinoy be Emergency Prepared?

We’re no expert either when it comes to disaster preparedness and threats nor do we have any related degree on this subject matter. However, as they say, experience is the best teacher. The authors of this blog have had their fair share when it comes to this topic. Our Mentor keeps on telling us: “On the event of a disaster there are only two kinds of people; Victims and Rescuers.”

As to what one of our authors here have experienced during the aftermath of Typhoon Yolanda. “The land becomes lawless when disaster strikes; you can only rely on yourself.”

But we can PREPARE FOR THE WORST, HOPE FOR THE BEST without sacrificing too much of our time, treasure and talent.

So My Friends, let’s ask ourselves which one do we choose to be?

This Website is dedicated to all; whether you’re a professional, student, Housewife, Entrepreneur or whatever titles we hold. To better prepare ourselves and our families as to whatever impending threat that may come.

In this world of uncertainty; let’s explore how can we be better prepared, one step at a time.

 Take note this website is not for;

  1. Those who learn the skill but never practice it
  2. People who blindly thinks buying the latest gear to preparedness
  3. Extremist or racist  thinking
  4. Violence for the sake of violence
  5. Individuals who force others in their way of thinking
  6. Closed Minded Individuals

Welcome to PinoyPrepper.com .  And thank you for your interest in learning some more about us and check out our authors of Pinoy Prepper. See you soon in our next post. 🙂