Attending a Blade Sports Workshop

Attending a Blade Sports Workshop

Last January 9, I attended the event called “Blade Sports Workshop & Fun Chop” that was held at Angel’s Garden Event Center, Pansol, Laguna. The entrance fee for Spectators was Php300 and Competitors Php400.

It was planned to be relaxing event. There’s no pressure even if you take a lot strikes to complete the chop; whereas the point is to improve your blade skills.

I’ve just started learning how to properly use blades quite recently; attending a blade sport and meeting the blades lover community would be a great boost on my familiarization with knives. I didn’t compete but I saw the level of awareness the user have for their blades.

There were an assortment of blades from cheapest to high-end ones being sold in the event. After buying your blade; you can test it out by joining the competition and see if the blade can handle the stress.

assortment of blades
Blades for sale.

The Blade sports workshop started with a brief talk by Derek from Derek’s Classic Blade Exchange. It was about the International Blade Sports Competition and safety tips when swinging your blade. We wouldn’t want for blades to be flying all over the place.

After the short workshop, the FUN CHOP begins. This is where the action starts.

Stage area for the blade competition.
Chopping stage for the competitors.

I got the best seat in the house; just right in front of the competitors. That’s the reason why I was able to shoot this video up close. My adrenaline was pumping every time they swing hoping the blade won’t come flying towards me.

There were 7-Stages for the Fun Chop Competition::
1) Horizontal 2×4 timber
2) Vertical 2×4 timber
3) Precision Vertical Chopsticks (3) – (Not included in video)
4) Rolling Targets (Tennis & Golf Balls)
5) Simulated Hanging Rope (suspended cane)
6) Speed Balloon (3)
7) Water Bottles

There was a wide spectrum of competitors ranging from need more practice to awesome. It gives perspective on the level of demand for this competition. Even if you flunked, there’s still a gallery of spectators / family supporting you. Nobody gave up and it was fun either way.

Kid mowing the lawn
Kids enjoying mowing the lawn.

I was expecting the event to be a testosterone filled activity but it was quite family friendly. Children were playing safely on the grass (they even mowed the lawn, for FUN!) away from the competition. It’s like a family day event!

WISAR medical personel(Aileen Estoquia) applying bandaid on the kids knee.
No injury left behind.

And yes there were medical personal on standby for emergency cases:

All-in-all, it was well worth it. I was able to ask my many beginner questions to the more experienced users. There were tons of giveaways by multiple sponsors especially if you’re a competitor. I also had a Merry Great time

Congratulations to the overwhelming winner (landslide victory) of 5 out of 7 stages and to the other 2 winners!

Rommel Frias receiving his prize.
Rommel Frias – winner in Precision Vertical Chopsticks


Raj Cabatuando receiving his prize.
Raj Cabatuando – Winner Speed Balloon


Richie Medalla receiving one of his many prizes.
Richie Medalla – Overall winner

I am so excited for the next blade sports workshop!

Event Photos:

For more photos, click here.

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